Discover Hong Kong: Part 11

Dec 28, 06 at 12:00 pm

Are you getting bored of Disneyland? Fret not, it’s coming to an end and we will head to other places soon. Hehe.

And 5 minutes before the start of the fireworks, the place was getting crowded by unruly visitors who squeezed in and out. It was more like a mini stampede. Haiz.

Anyway, hail the fireworks show!

The best ever musical fireworks show I’ve ever seen! But, my photography experience was better than expected. I managed 350 photos which I shot continuously, and if they were to put together as an animated gif, it’ll become a video instead. And I achieved this without a tripod, and for each photo, the exposure is 1/3s, f4.0 and ISO 80. Although some photos were slightly blurred, I must thank Panasonic’s Mega OIS for its stabilized photos. Without it, people might think I shoot these photos from a moving boat. Haha.

As the show ended, we also ended our visit to Disneyland.

Giant Christmas tree

It was already 8pm when we made our way out and we headed back to city for dinner. We had a quick dinner by the roadside near Shanghai Street. After that, we took MTR from Jordan to Tsim Tsa Tsui to visit Avenue of Stars.

It was already 10pm when we made our way to Avenue of Stars. And it was damn packed with people especially tourists from China. To cut it short, the view was fantastic, and if granted, I could spend hours taking photos there.

Avenue of Stars

View of HK Island at night

Avenue of Stars is full of people.. omg..

Just can’t get enough of it..

More.. hehe

Bruce Lee..

We ended the night by taking a taxi back to our hotel. And it was freaking expensive taking taxi because they charge HK$7 for the first 2km and HK$1.40 for every subsequent 0.2km. By the time we reached our hotel, the meter read HK$87.40! OMG!

Discover Hong Kong: Part 10

Dec 27, 06 at 11:04 am

Hmm, it was already evening and so we went to watch Mickey’s Philharmagic in 3D.

Queuing up…

The show was nice, and it was actually in 4D. It is hard to describe the show but if I was to compare this with Genting’s Motion Master, I personally think Genting’s Motion Master can sau pei and close shop!

The sun was setting down, so we walked around taking photos around the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Closer look at the castle…

I like this photo the most..

See what see, want fight ah?

With dad near the castle..

And some castle shots…

My lame attempt to become a pro photographer.. hehe

Since it was still early for fireworks show, we went to grab souvenirs. Probably we spent lots of time in those shops, the sky was completely dark by the time we came out. LOL!

As night approached, buildings and attractions were lit up and they looked fantastic!

Sleeping Beauty castle in late evening…

As the sky turns darker, the castle looks scary.

Apart from that, buildings at Main Street USA also lit up beautifully. It is also where the giant Christmas tree was lit up that night.

Main Street USA

Notice the Christmas tree at the far corner?

It was people mountain, people sea. It was kinda hard to take photos especially at night because everyone kept pushing each other.

I ran back to Tomorrowland again and captured a few night shots.

Tomorrowland at night…

Purple hue lights up Tomorrowland…

And with about 20 minutes before the start of the fireworks show, I quickly setup my place to prepare for fireworks photo shoot.

Close up of Sleeping Beauty castle..

Again it was people mountain, people sea at the center of the castle because everyone wanted the best seat. I managed to climb and steady myself to a steel fence for a better view (Note to self: Bring a tripod, bring a tripod).

Discover Hong Kong: Part 9

Dec 26, 06 at 4:41 pm

The parade rocks!! It was so lively, so vibrant and so funny!! Now I start to like Disneyland! LOL!

We briefly adjourned to souvenir shops to begin our hunt for souvenirs. OMG, these souvenirs were so tempting and I felt like buying the whole store!

The interior of the shop

Christmas feel

I want this, this and this. LOL!

We didn’t buy anything because it was still early and we don’t want to carry things around. So we headed to Tomorrowland to have our lunch at Comet Cafe.

Saw Fa Mulan on our way to Tomorrowland.

Here we are, Tomorrowland…

True to what I read in Internet, each set lunch costs HK$45! It is quite expensive but this is Disneyland and not hawker stall, ok? Since Space Mountain is just beside to food court, I went in and grabbed a FastPass – an innovative way to reduce queuing time by returning to the ride at a specific time. With that, I could have my lunch peacefully without having to queue up. Hehehe.

Space mountain.. notice the FastPass sign?

After lunch, I immediately went to Space Mountain with my FastPass and there was no queue at all.

Neither did I know Space Mountain is actually a roller coaster where we will be blasted to the space in total darkness with the exception of some shiny stars. True to its name, I had an exhilirating ride and I was a bit shocked by the ride. Its twist and turns are sharp and fast. And coupled with some scary feeling because it was in total darkness! Phew!

Luckily I did not vomit what I just ate earlier! And saved my mum because I initially asked her to join me.

I then went to Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster ride. And this time, the ride was smooth, easy and fun.

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster

Saw Buzz outside the ride posing with park guests.

Buzzing around…

Actually I wanted to take photo with him, but his assistant told us he needed rest. Told us to return 15 minutes later. 🙁

Stitch Encounter..

It was already 4pm when we about to leave Tomorrowland for Fantasyland again. The parade started its march again and we watched again. Hahaha.

We continued our walk to Fantasyland where we went to Fantasy Gardens.

As the name suggests, it’s a dream come true for most of the kids including me. LOL! This is where you can hug, kiss, and take photos with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and all sorts of Disney characters.

First stop.. Minnie Mouse

Second stop.. Winnie the Pooh.. omg he looks so weird

The most hugged object in Disneyland..

Goofy is full of tricks

Mushu, a pint-sized dragon from Mulan..

Discover Hong Kong: Part 8

Dec 26, 06 at 11:18 am

It was 12.30pm when we got out from the Jungle River Cruise. OMG, time passed so fast. So, we walked to Fantasyland which is located next to Adventureland.

Cute building at Fantasyland

Actually we planned to watch the parade show, which is scheduled at 1pm. So, we took a train at Fantasyland back to Main Street USA.

Fantasyland Train Station

The train has arrived…

The seat positioning of the train… brilliant!

I quite like the train. Felt like I was on the train in The Polar Express… “All aboard,” says the captain. LOL!

And the ride took a few minutes only to get back at where we first began.

Main Street USA again…

Since the parade haven’t start, we went into some of the shops and began our hunt for souvenirs. Shortly after, we decided to grab a good place to watch the parade. OMG, people already gathered along the street although the parade was nowhere to be seen at that time.

It didn’t take long before the first float car made its way to Main Street USA complete with dancers and nice music. It was lively and colorful!

Here we go, the start of the parade!

Closer look at the dancers float car…

The second float.. featuring a gigantic Mickey and a band..

The band members…

The third float…

Colorful performer…

This is Chip or Dale?? So confusing.. lol

The fourth float.. aiks.. film girls??

Mickey Mouse and Silly Symphony float car…

I have difficulty taking photos of these dwarfs because they keep running around.. This is the best I could take.. with 7 members in it.. 😛

Couldn’t see Cinderella.. only saw her pumpkin float.. lol

Alice in Wonderland!

Alice is sitting on the mushroom..

Alice close-up shot…

The Little Mermaid float…

Weird sotong.. lol

This is my favourite.. Toy Story!!!

To infinity and beyond.. hahaha.. Darn! I feel like I’m a kid again!!!

Cute aliens… hahaha

Ermm.. where are these girls from ah?

The final piece of the jigsaw..

Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald all featured here..

Discover Hong Kong: Part 7

Dec 22, 06 at 4:45 pm

UPDATED with video!

So we lepak around the Sleeping Beauty’s castle and saw Sleeping Beauty. OMG, she has woke up from sleep. LOL!

This Sleeping Beauty was quite lunsi. She tried to avoid people from touching her outfit or shake hands with her. Now I officially hate her character. Hahaha. Put her back to sleep!!!! LOL!

Across the road, Cinderella was seen with two mousie friends. She was more down-to-earth and friendly. I like her more. Hahaha.

At least her smile is sweet…

Closer look at Sleeping Beauty’s castle

Alright, time to move on. Previously I read reviews that Adventureland should be the first place to visit, so we headed there first.

Feeling a bit lost, we just tailed people to see where they actually going to. Further walking and we have reached Tarzan’s Treehouse.

Tarzan’s Treehouse is basically a small island circled by Jungle Cruise. To get there, park guests need to ride a raft to cross the river. Almost everything in Tarzan’s Treehouse is fake including the giant tree. Park guests can climb up the tree and get to see everything related to Disney’s movie, Tarzan.

View of Jungle River Cruise from Tarzan’s Treehouse

Felt a bit sien, we took the raft back and queued up for Jungle River Cruise. Surprisingly, we were asked to choose the language we want, so we picked Cantonese. Hahaha.

We waited for like 15 minutes only, far more better than reported in news. Then we jumped into the boat and the guide started to narrate the story in Cantonese. Very funny and refreshing indeed.

This stupid fake elephant almost scared us to death. Why? We thought it’ll going to splash us water from its trunk because it did so when we stopped before it. By the time we cruised past, it suddenly raised its trunk and we all AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Stupid kanasai got cheated by stupid fake elephant! LOL!

Fake piranhas.. lol

Gorillas having party

This hippo is less scary than the stupid fake elephant.. lol

Angry rhino and shocked intruders…

Tribal village

We also passed by volcanoes raging with fire and splashing water. I managed to capture it in video, so will post it here when I upload it to YouTube. So, Jungle River Cruise definitely a good attraction. Anyone going there must ride this thing!

As promised, here is the video.

Discover Hong Kong: Part 6

Dec 21, 06 at 11:50 am

30 minutes drive to Penny’s Bay and we have reached the happiest place on earth, HK Disneyland Resort!

Tsing Ma Bridge, the world’s sixth longest suspension bridge

Upon reaching the main gate of Disneyland, I was shocked!

Seas and seas of people!!!

I thought we were the earliest, but I was wrong! Hundreds, if not thousands of people already making their way there and more were rushing from the Disneyland MTR Station. Like Disneyland got cheap sales inside! *faint*

Sei lor, then I have to queue for an hour to ride those things! The anticipation and excitement quickly faded into despair despite not making to the entrance, yet!

OMG… people everywhere…

I keep on telling myself, never mind lar, we have come a long way. Die die also must go in and stamp my mark there!

Disney fountain outside the park

I must get a toy this BIG!!!

Very creative indeed.. haha

And so we finally went in… and begin our “adventure”… LOL

HK Disneyland Railroad

Our adventure began in Main Street USA, which is basically a street with shops on both sides and is designed to resemble the center of a turn-of-the-century (early 1900s) American town.

City Hall, tourist information centre

Shop til you drop here…

Giant Xmas tree at the center of the street

Close-up shot

Running out of battery? No problem, we have camera shop here

Planning a surprise proposal to gf/bf? We have jewelry shop here

You’ll be spoilt for choices of souvenirs

More shops to shop

Curiosity shop

Enough of Main Street, let’s move on..

Fantasyland is behind the Sleeping Beauty castle