Discover Hong Kong: Part 5

Dec 20, 06 at 4:20 pm

Woke up at 7.30am the next day. Felt like my bones have been crushed the day before. So tired! An hour later, we set out to Tsim Tsa Tsui to have our breakfast. Yes, I have been looking forward to taste the real HK dim sum!

Feel like jumping down for a swim! LOL! 27th floor ain’t high…

Tall buildings everywhere

Hotel lobby

Our hotel from afar

Chow Tai Fook Jewellery @ Nathan Road

Time for dim sum breakfast!!!!!!!!!!!

First of all, white porridge with century eggs and shredded pork

Char siew cheong fun

Meaty siew mai

Har Kau.. damn nice!!

This ar.. inside got vegetable.. a bit oily but nice to eat while it’s hot

This is something like kuih melaka but less spongy..

Burppppp!! The best ever breakfast I had in HK so far! The feeling was just like… indescribable… *out of words* Seriously, you must try HK dim sum but of course you have to pick the right one lar. This restaurant is called “Very Good Seafood Restaurant” and is located along Nathan Road.

Signboards beside the road

Okay, we’ve filled up our stomach. What’s next?

Discover Hong Kong: Part 4

Dec 20, 06 at 11:30 am

We spent roughly 20 minutes loitering and taking photos at Lan Kwai Fong. The next place to visit was The Peak. We supposed to head straight to the peak, but because we were lacked of time, we ended up at “half the peak”! LOL!

On the way to the peak, I saw a lot of stunning buildings built on the hill. Stunning as in term of engineering feat. HK engineers are so confident of themselves that these 20-30 stories buildings are built beside cliffs. Scary indeed.

Over at “half the peak”, hordes of China tourists were there shouting and spitting. So damn disgusting. They also blocked other visitors from taking photos. I felt like giving them a slap in the face for being so ignorant and DIRTY! Nevertheless, I managed to jostle through the heavy crowd and captured a few photos.

Half the peak…

Not so great view..

We ended the night with a visit to Ladies’ Market located near Mongkok MTR Station.

One of the busiest streets near Ladies’ Market

An hour after that, which was 11pm, we decided to call it a day. We headed back to our hotel, which is Mexan Harbour. As the name suggests, the hotel is just right next to Rambler Channel, and just right in front of Kwai Tsing Container Terminals. Don’t jealous as I get a room with cool waterfront view and thousands of containers sharing the view with me! Don’t quite understand? Study the photos below and you get what I mean.

Superb view from 27th floor!

What a “lovely” view.. lol

Kwai Tsing Container Terminals

Want to know how big is my room? 194sq. ft.!

So-freaking small, can hardly move around. My movement is confined to areas mainly my bed. Hahaha.

Discover Hong Kong: Part 3

Dec 20, 06 at 10:30 am

Few streets after and we reached our eating place located in a shopping complex. Dinner was alright but it was obviously better than those I had back in China previously.

Dinner is more to what we eat everyday.. so nice!

The restaurant…

Outside the shopping mall…

After dinner, we headed straight to a place called Lan Kwai Fong. This place is jam-packed with mostly expats and superstars. It’s much like our own Bukit Bintang but the number of bars definitely outnumbered ours. That night, we saw a lot of expats, but the sight of Andy Lau could not be seen. Nevertheless, we took photos of the famous street, had a brief walk before leaving for another destination.

One of the night markets…

On the way to Lan Kwai Fong, we have to pass Cross-Harbour Tunnel. Read the story about it earlier on.

We’re now in HK Island… more night shots

Bank of China view from the bus.. hehe

More on HK Island view at night…

Here we are.. Lan Kwai Fong.. let’s feng tau..

Santa Claus is hanging in the air.. so scary..

You’ve seen it on TV, now you can see it in my blog.. hehe

The road sign.. Poor those fellas blinded by camera flashes because people keep taking photos of the road sign

Part of Lan Kwai Fong road…

Near Lan Kwai Fong junction..

Discover Hong Kong: Part 2

Dec 19, 06 at 5:30 pm

Four hours later, we finally reached Chek Lap Kok International Airport at precisely 5pm. The airport is indeed huge and modern. I found it to be very much like our own KLIA.

My lunch has arrived…

Chek Lap Kok International Airport… and seas of people…

Our guide, Onn Chai was waiting for us at the arrival hall and he immediately took us to the bus. The sky was getting dark even it was only 6pm.

We then set out to the city centre, or to be precise, Mongkok to have our dinner. All along the way, we could see super tall buildings mostly apartments and condominiums and were amazed of those buildings when they were lit up at night. Impressive.

Buildings.. Sorry for the underexposed photo…

Streets at night

Land in HK is the most sought after thing as everyone tries to own a piece of gold or at least, be part of it. That is why buildings are built at least 30-50 stories high and they do not come cheap. A typical 400sf apartment can set back at around HK$400k and it’s only located outskirt of the city. Try buy an apartment or condominium nearer to the city, and it can cost you a bomb.

As we drew closer to the city, all the HK scenes which I’ve been seeing them in TVB dramas now happened to be right in front of my eyes. Not wanting to miss them, I quickly snapped some of the streets.

One of many many streets…

Close up photo of the street

Colorful neon lights

HK people strolling along the street

Cool engineering method…

People lining up to take away their food

Bikini-clad ladies karaoke center.. not meh?

One of the grocers by the road

Discover Hong Kong: Part 1

Dec 19, 06 at 4:32 pm

The journey started from Penang with an hour’s flight to Singapore. Thereafter we had an extra hour exploring the Changi Airport before continuing a four-hour flight to HK. It gave us some time to explore a bit , like the beautiful Orchid Garden. Very beautiful indeed.

Simple, yet nice deco in SIA aircraft

Nice brunch.

And the weather is so good.

Orchids galore!

And they’re so real!

The extra hour felt like few minutes. The next thing I could remember was, we were in the plane already!

It’s a long, long walk…

And the aircraft is so huge!

Hmm, which movie to watch?

Drunken prawns and Ah Yat’s style as lunch..