Prawns Frenzy @ Lung Seng Seafood Restaurant, Tanjung Tualang

Feb 19, 12 at 10:54 pm

Honestly, I’ve been waiting for this day to come for a very long time. When opportunity struck, there is just an answer and YES, let’s go and have some prawns~! No place is more famous with its freshwater prawns other than Tanjung Tualang, and this tiny, quaint town is located almost 30km away from Batu Gajah and a further 45km away from Ipoh. If you are coming from Ipoh, do not forget to drop by the one and only tin dredge in Perak.

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Now, coming back to the food, we were in dilemma whether to eat at Luen Fong or Lung Seng or Sun Mee Fong. The latter is recommended by Axian, a TV food expert but one of us had bad experience with Luen Fong, so we ultimately decided to go with Lung Seng. And don’t fret because all the shops are located near to each other. If you can’t decide, just follow your heart. After all, when it comes to prawn, we are all in unity right?

It was about 3:30pm when we arrived from Sitiawan, and immediately we summoned the captain and placed the order.

Tua Pek Kong Temple @ Pasir Panjang, Sitiawan

Feb 8, 12 at 10:22 pm

Update: Direction with map (at the end of the post)

I love visiting all kinds of Chinese temples. Even in my travels, most of them include at least a visit to the temple.

Over the festive holidays, I took the opportunity to visit this particular temple located at Sitiawan, almost an hour’s drive from Ipoh. Truth be told, I have never set foot in Sitiawan for more than a decade, so I vaguely remember what we did the last time we were here. Lumut is another place I have not seen for a long time. Perhaps, another time.
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Back to the story, the temple is located deep inside a kampung by the coast at Pasir Panjang. The main attraction drawing crowds of local and out-of-town visitors are 98 statues of deities and animals from the Chinese lunar calendar on the well-landscaped three-hectare compound.

Tua Pek Kong Temple at Kampung Pasir Panjang, Sitiawan

Lou Sang Continues @ New Formosa Restaurant, SS2

Feb 4, 12 at 12:12 pm

Today is the thirteenth day of the CNY, also marks the start of the water dragon year. We are now in the second month of the year. Time passes real fast, hope everything will be smooth sailing too. 🙂

The festive mood continued with another dinner on a fine evening, this time at New Formosa Restaurant located at PJ SS2. Having read so many positive reviews and with the fact that the restaurant has been in operation for more than 30 years, I was rather upbeat with the decision of dining at this restaurant, but somehow ended up with slight disappointment.

Since there were only five of us, we couldn’t order the CNY set menu but some CNY dishes can be ordered as ala-carte.

20120204-115730 AM.jpg

My third toss of the year, and the first dish of the night was the salmon yee sang. To be frank, I prefer Ben Tdi Wei’s version very much. It tasted quite sourish to me and the salmons were not that fresh.

20120204-115746 AM.jpg

We ordered four main dishes and the first to be served was this signature deep-fried chicken with sesame seeds Taiwanese style. Crunchy because of thick batter, however it overpowered the fragrance of the sesame seeds.

20120204-115801 AM.jpg

Next on the table was Formosa healthy vegetarian bean curd which consists of braised loofah (勝瓜), golden mushroom, seaweed sprouts and bean curd skin. It was too salty for my liking and we could hardly finish it.

20120204-115815 AM.jpg

Our third dish was ordinary stir-fried vegetable consists of snow peas, pumpkin, lotus root and asparagus.

20120204-115846 AM.jpg

We also ordered a steamed tilapia with sweet and sour sauce Taiwanese style. Accompanying the fish dish was a loaf of deep-fried mantou (bread). The fish was not fresh, however the mantou deserved a praise here. One thing I don’t understand, the sweet and sour sauce doesn’t really complement the bread at all.

20120204-115900 AM.jpg

For the desserts, we had muachi Taiwanese style. This is the first time I tasted a salty version of muachi. I even had to ask the waitress to confirm that they served the right thing. Apart from it being salty, I really liked it for being soft and it kinda melts in your mouth. Awesome.

20120204-115924 AM.jpg

Sweet yam in honey sauce Taiwanese style is also quite an interesting dessert. Yams coated with caramel, honey and sesame seeds are dipped into icy cold water to harden the caramel and thus making them look like candy. The yam was still warm and has the right sweetness.

20120204-115913 AM.jpg

The same cannot be said for pumpkin yam ginkgo pudding. Served warm, the mashed yam did not really click well the pumpkin paste and I can’t even describe the taste after mixing both.

For an establishment that has been in operation for 30 years, it is kind of unfair for me to judge because it is also my first visit to the restaurant. It could be the taste of Taiwanese food that I found rather unsuitable for my liking. I might still pay a visit again to sample their signature hot stone steamboat which received raved reviews but then of course, with lower expectations. 🙂

Reservation is a-must as the restaurant is quite small and usually jam-packed even on weekdays. Some signature dishes need to be ordered in advance too.

New Formosa Restaurant (新寶島餐廳)
46, Jalan SS2/24,
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: +603 7875 1894
Mobile: +6019 335 3274 (Jeanie Lee)

A Quiet Retreat At Cameron

Aug 24, 11 at 12:00 am

Driving around Cameron (CH) on a relatively busy weekend has never been easier no thanks to the ever inconsiderate bunch of drivers who think they own the road. We spent quite an amount of time idling in the car while waiting bumper-to-bumper along the narrow and winding road. Thankfully, although there was plenty of sunshine, the weather overall was pleasant with cool breeze.

We spent two nights in CH. Yes. Two. Never quite enough actually. I wished we could have stayed longer, away from the city noise. It must be due to the cozy bungalow that pampered us into sweet dreams. Or the bunch of friendly dogs who wag their tails each time they see us.

Valley View Bungalow
The bungalow

The bungalow, Valley View owned by a sweet couple, William and Jessica, lives just behind the bungalow. Extremely friendly chaps, they must be enjoying life in CH to the fullest.

Meet my new friend, Doris
Hello, Doris!

We did a lot of driving while in CH, since we stayed near Habu. And most of the attractions are located at Brinchang, we drove all the way up to the tea plantation at Sg. Palas. It wasn’t a pleasant drive, there were just too many cars. However, the weather compensates everything.

Let's indulge
Tea time!

We have had English tea, ate some scones and strawberries and made steamboat for dinner. Nothing adventurous actually.

Steamboat at Valley View Bungalow
Dinner at the comfort of home!

Sometimes, we have to pause for a while, look back and take a little time out of our life and have some relaxing moments with our close friends.

Foon Lock Restaurant @ Kg Bukit Tinggi, Bentong, Pahang

Sep 7, 10 at 12:22 am

Phew, I admit I really neglected this blog for a very long time. I’d like to blame it on my recent business travels but then it’s really a bad excuse for myself. Anyway, I’m back for good now.. well sort of with a couple of dizziness which I’m still suffering and hope it’ll go off very soon.

I’m going to write about this particular restaurant which I went as far as 3 months’ back. I don’t know why, but this small, quaint village of Bukit Tinggi has become my favourite place for stopover whenever I’m traveling to the east coast or even the notorious gambling haven.
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So we were at Foon Lock the other day for dinner and it was packed to the max. The boss was ever in his usual jovial, friendly mood and even recommended some of the specialties to us which we gleefully accepted – probably we were too tired to even think what we want to eat.

Stuffed tofu
Stuffed tofu

We kind of fell in love with this simple, stuffed tofu. The minced meat was marinated and mixed with chopped spring onion before being stuffed into the tofu skin. It was really good.

Awesome Homemade Ice-Cream @ Kedai Kopi Kow Po, Bentong

Jul 12, 10 at 12:15 am

While making our way back from Taman Negara, I actually drove to Bentong for its famous homemade ice-cream shop, Kow Po. I have heard of this for so long but never had chance to try it so when opportunity came knocking, there’s no second thought.

Now, the funny thing is, I was with my 4 other friends, none of them actually knew about this.

Driving in Bentong town is not that hard. Assisted by my trusty GPS-enabled phone and also the locality of the shop which is just beside the main road, we made it at first attempt. :/
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