Hiking @ Broga Hill

Mar 2, 09 at 8:26 pm

UPDATE: See directions at the end of the post!

It sounds like Broga Hill is located somewhere out of our country but this hidden gem is actually located at Semenyih, a small town south of Kajang. I was there last Saturday to catch sunrise and the scenery is quite breathtaking!

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Woke up around 5am that day, packed all the necessary stuffs and off we went.

The place isn’t difficult to locate if you had ‘google’ hard enough, which I did. The only thing is the starting trail, where you begin at oil palm plantation.

We reached there around 6.30am, it was still very dark but there were already quite a number of cars. We did not know what to do as we did not have torchlight.

As more people came, we braved ourselves walking in the dark only to be assisted by my phone’s camera flash.

It was a leisurely climb up, we did not really pay attention to our surroundings as it was too dark. We only saw glimpses of light somewhere up along the trail. It was fun and at the same scary (wtf!) as I was the one who walked in front with my small source of light. Haha!

We reached the first ‘station’ and took some time to catch our breath. As the sky grew brighter, we could see some nice hills.

Broga Hill

We continued shortly and it didn’t take very long before we reached the spot where everyone seemed busy setting up their equipments (tripods and cameras). I really admire their enthusiasm in waking up early just to catch sunrise.

We moved away from the crowd and found ourselves a nice rock to sit on while waiting for the sun to greet us. It’s really a romantic place to be with your loved ones… try imagine that ok.. lol

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I didn’t have tripod with me, all the shots I took were hand-held.

Broga Hill

The sun began to show its prowess. I was little worried prior to the climb up because the weather has not been so nice recently…

On the other note, I found it hard to get the right exposure to capture both the rays of sunlight and the foreground. (Sorry housemate, I haven’t master the right settings on this!)

What I did was to set the exposure to capture the sunlight (which means the foreground will become underexpose) and do post-processing job later… (I know it’s not the correct way of doing this but who cares.. lol)

Anyway, we were too busy to capture the rise of the sun…

Broga Hill

And when I turned around, I see this…

Sor Lou @ Broga Hill

‘Or si’ while taking photo… geng!!

Let’s pick some of my favourites…

Broga Hill

This one is more or less like the sunset photos which I took at Sekinchan…

Broga Hill

Lalang @ Broga Hill


Nice silhouette…

Broga Hill

I feel like going again… when you guys free again?

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More pics at my Flickr!

1. From LDP, go all the way to Putrajaya. Once you passed the last RM1.60 toll, look for signs that lead you to Kajang.
2. After turning, you should be on SKVE (South Klang Valley Expressway). Go straight and you will pass by Putrajaya Marriot on your right, UNITEN on your right. Just keep on going and follow the sign ‘Semenyih’.
3. You should be on SILK highway (after passing UNITEN) and you will pass two tolls (RM1.00 each).
4. Immediately after passing the 2nd toll, look for the sign ‘Jalan Semenyih’. Turn right at the traffic light into Jalan Semenyih.
5. Drive onwards, it should be quite a while before you come to Petronas station on your left. Continue until you see the second Petronas station on your right.
6. There is a traffic light in front of the second Petronas station. That’s where you turn left into Broga. (There is a small sign ‘Broga’ when you about to turn to left)
7. Straight until you see Nottingham University. After passing that uni, you will come to a narrow and winding road. Slow down here and try look for Rabbit Fun Land which is on your right.
8. Now, stop immediately when you see the Rabbit Fun Land cuz you need to turn left into the oil palm estate. You will park your car there and that’s the starting point. (Note that there is no proper road turning into the estate, just a trail)
9. If you’re catching the sunrise, be there around 6.30am because you will need 30 minutes for the climb. Bring torchlight because it’ll be very dark and don’t worry, you won’t get lost. Just follow the trail and watch out for mozzies. Apply more insect repellent. 🙂
10. Have fun!