Bali Escapade – Part V

Continuation from Part IV

The morning started with usual hotel breakfast, and happy to see the rest of the members.

After meeting with new guide and driver, we were off to places like Celuk, Batubulan and Mas. I guess I don’t need to mention what those places offer, right?

We stopped at Kintamani for lunch – it wasn’t nice at all + you get hundreds of houseflies as your eating companion.

Great place with great couple!

Luckily the superb weather in Kintamani saved the day!



We are so cute!

We adjourned to a place somewhere near Kintamani to sample the world’s most expensive coffee, kopi luwak.

Kopi Luwak Tasting Session
The raw, unprocessed and the processed beans

This is the place where one can see how luwak or civet cat and its droppings look like, the process of making the special luwak coffee and also the place where you can buy a small quantity which costs an arm and a leg.

We sampled it and confirmed Nescafe is still the better choice. LOL! (No offense to all coffee addicts out there!)

Kopi Luwak Tasting Session
Buy 1 free 5!

Since it was a bit bored + the condition of the van didn’t really help either, we requested the guide to drop us in Ubud for shopping.

So we were back to the place where I have been on the second day. This time I managed to secure a few purchases.

We met up again with the guide and he duly brought us to nearby restaurant for dinner – nice ambiance but the food was mediocre.

Nice place but food was bad

For the rest of the evening, we just chilled out in our hotel before something unexpected happened the following day – food poisoning.

I was forced to forgo my visit to Tanah Lot due to seriousness of my sickness and later caused the whole group to abandon the plans for the day. We went back to Kuta early in the evening for me to rest while some chose to shop in Kuta and some had fun at the beach. I even missed the dinner in Jimbaran but heard the food sucks.

Nice place to dine in, but I wasn’t there…

It was really a day to forget. I feel sorry for them for spoiling the trip. When we return to Bali again, I promise I will buy you guys a day’s worth of itinerary again!


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