Weekend Getaway – Sekeping Serendah

Last year, we chilled and relaxed at this place. This year, we planned an even shorter getaway that is only 45 minutes away from KL. Even though it’s near, we still had to wait for about 5-6 months before this came to reality. It’s not that Sekeping Serendah is hard to book, but making everyone to commit to the date is harder than we ever thought. Fortunately, it didn’t seem a long wait to me as I had quite a number of stuffs to do in between the date. So that day finally came, and we gathered yet again.

It was pouring that day, and we were caught in horrendous jam for about an hour before reaching Sekeping Serendah. Thank goodness we didn’t lose our way as the map provided by Sekeping management is not really helpful at all. Fortunately, I recorded a video of the journey, so for future visitors to Sekeping Serendah, you can watch the video that will bring you right to the doorstep. (Refer to the video at the of the post)

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We stayed at Foundry (Warehouse) that sleeps 14 person. The house is pretty bare (no walls except for the toilets) and everything is pretty much open concept. Keeping things to simple and minimal, you have a kitchen with basic things like fridge, stove, kettle and cutlery. Some of these things are not in good condition, take for example the fridge isn’t cold at all and the stove is only half-working.

Sekeping Serendah

Next, bathrooms. It has 3 bathroom of different sizes. I wouldn’t comment much about it as I didn’t spend much of the time in it, but I wish they could fix the locks as they are getting worn out. The setup of each bathroom is pretty simple, hot and cold running water for shower, a toilet and a wash basin. They even have ceiling fan in the bathroom.

Sekeping Serendah

Sekeping Serendah
First bathroom

Sekeping Serendah
Second bathroom

There isn’t any room, but they have something which I’d refer as sleeping areas (because they don’t have walls!). There are 2 sleeping areas located upstairs at the front corner of the house. Each sleeping area has mixture of double and twin beds, and comes with mosquito nets. As it’s wall-less, it can get pretty cold and airy at night especially if it’s raining.

Sekeping Serendah
Sleeping area

Sekeping Serendah
Another sleeping area

Other areas of the house includes dining cum bbq area and huge common area, where we spent most of our time.

Sekeping Serendah
Kitchen, dining and common area

Sekeping Serendah
Big hall

With limited time, we took a quick tour around the jungle. There is a pool but it is too damn far from our house. We even took a short jungle walk (dragon walk as in the map) before heading back to prepare stuffs for dinner.

Sekeping Serendah

The rest of the night was spent at the dinner table eating, chatting and catching up with each other.

So, verdict? Nature lovers should love this. Just stick within Sekeping Serendah and you will be fine.

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As promised, here’s the direction to Sekeping Serendah done in a video for your viewing pleasure.

Sekeping Serendah Sdn Bhd
67, Jln Tempinis Satu,
Lucky Garden, Bangsar,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel No: 012-3246552(Christina)
Email: bookserendah@gmail.com


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  1. YongJul 12, 13

    Hi, nice photos there. What lens that were used for these photos?

    1. chleongJul 12, 13

      It’s Tokina 11-16mm F/2.8 🙂


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