Dimdimsum Dim Sum Specialty Store 點點心點心專門店

Macau/HK 2013 – Dimdimsum Dim Sum Specialty Store 點點心點心專門店

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We arrived at HK late-ish in the afternoon. After checking in to our accommodation at Stanford Hotel, the first thing that came to my mind was the delicious dim sum, Tim Ho Wan. The shop is located directly behind our hotel, so we headed there in no time. To my horror, the shop was nowhere to be seen. We did a quick search on Google only to discover that the shop has been relocated at another area.

Feeling gutted by the closure of Tim Ho Wan, we quickly looked at our food map, and thus ended up at Dimdimsum Dim Sum Specialty Store located at Tung Choi Street, about 3 blocks away from Tim Ho Wan.

Since it was already past lunch hour, the shop was quite empty and we got our seat easily. Service was prompt and since the ordering system was similar like THW, we had no problems getting our order sorted.

Herbal jelly | 砵仔龜苓膏

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This came as part of the set that we ordered that day. Nothing fancy.

Egg tarts | 酥皮蛋撻仔

Wobbly egg tarts almost made me teared. Yummeh!!

Steamed shrimp dumpling | 晶瑩鮮蝦餃

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Deep fried salted dumpling | 芥末咸水角

Foie gras spring roll | 鵝肝春卷

Most of the dim sum were steamed to order, so they took some time to be served. It actually gave us time to savor each dim sum, otherwise we’d be rushed to eat as fast as we could due to lack of table space.

BBQ pork bun | 巧製叉燒包

Pineapple buns with pineapple custard filling | 真係菠蘿包

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This is one of the signature dim sum heavily promoted by the shop. In HK, pineapple bun or polo bun is usually served without any filling. However, Dimdimsum’s version is stuffed with custard and slices of pineapple, giving it a refreshing taste to the already awesome pineapple bun.

Steamed spareribs with black bean sauce | 豉汁蒸排骨

Very good spareribs, so far it’s the best I’ve ever eaten.

Steamed pork dumpling with crab roe | 蟹子燒賣皇

Anywhere in HK, you can almost never go wrong with the customary “siu mai”. This packs a punch!

Crispy rice flour rolls with shrimp | 脆皮鮮蝦腸

Another brilliant creation by Dimdimsum. The rice flour was almost translucent, and coupled with paper-thin crispy spring roll like fillings, this combination is the bomb! This is by far the most unique rice flour roll I’ve tasted.

We would definitely be back for more. And thanks to the relocation of THW, otherwise we would not have stumbled upon this shop. 🙂

Dimdumsum Dim Sum Specialty Store 點點心點心專門店
112 Tung Choi Street, Mongkok
11am – 2am

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Other branch address and opening hours:

23 Man Ying Street, Jordan
10am – 1am

Wan Chai
7 Tin Lok Lane, Wan Chai
9am – 11.30pm


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  2. pcJul 8, 13

    Good job. Finally reach hk after so many months since last post which stuck at macau

    1. chleongJul 8, 13

      Very hard to swim from Macau.. hehehe

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