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Macau/HK 2013 – Causeway Bay 铜锣湾 in 3 Hours

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Continuing our next food hunt, we took MTR to Causeway Bay but since we were still full, we decided to check out Hysan Place, a retail/office building that was opened last year. Most importantly, it houses one of the flagship stores that we won’t find in Malaysia, the Apple Store. Spanning three stories, it is HK’s third store and the largest in HK.

From ground to fourth floor in a minute on express escalator. Only at Hysan Place.

After exploring for two hours, it was time for another food hunt session. There are plenty of choices to choose but we unanimously picked Wing Kee Noodles 榮記粉麵, which specializes in push cart noodles 車仔麵.

It was dinner time so we had to queue for a while but the turnover rate was fast. We got our seat within 5 minutes of waiting.

Ordering push cart noodles was a bit hard for me as they do not have English menu. So, I left the ordering to my tour mates and we finally decided to go ahead with two bowls of noodles.

Push cart noodles

This bowl consisted of curdled pig’s blood, pig’s skin, radish, pig intestine and braised chicken wing tip. You may find it disgusting if you are not a fan of animal organ. I did find it unappealing initially but after sampling the broth, the whole bowl suddenly looked delicious!

The second bowl also came with curdled pig’s blood and with beef variation like brisket and beef balls. Equally good as well if you prefer the beef version.

You can actually mix and match some of the ingredients which we didn’t, and looking at what other patrons were eating, blanched watercress and braised chicken wings tip looked tasty too.

With our stomach maxed out completely, we took a slow walk along the street. Not too far away from Wing Kee lies another shop which we wanted to try, She Wong Yee 蛇王二, which specializes in snake delicacies and preserved meats.

It didn’t take long for us to decide. After all, everyone was eager to see what snakes taste like. We ordered a set meal that comes with snake soup, fried sticky rice with preserved meats and blanched lettuce with oyster sauce. In addition to that, we also ordered a double boiled snake meat soup.

Snake soup

The snake soup 蛇羹 looks like shark’s fin. There are a lot ingredients which we couldn’t really tell but taste-wise, it was alright.

Double boiled soup

The double boiled soup comes with snake meat which has been chopped into elongated pieces. Each of us took a bite at the meat. It tasted like chicken and perhaps the meat was cooked for too long, it was quite tough too.

There you go, our 3 hours excursion to Causeway Bay yielded a lot of eye-opening sights and delicious local food. There are other food which we have yet to try, so watch out for our return!

Wing Kee Noodles 榮記粉麵
27A Sugar St, Causeway Bay
11:30am – 10.30pm
MTR Causeway Bay Exit E

She Wong Yee 蛇王二
24 Percival Street, Causeway Bay
11:30am – midnight
MTR Causeway Bay Exit A


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